I’m A Maker Of Music.

I make music. I'm a very lucky boy. I get to do it all the time. My day job as vocal producer and voice coach gives me the chance to work with the greatest musical instrument; the human voice.

I'm a singer/songwriter, releasing my own songs as Winter Of '82. I'm a producer of some of the most brilliant artists I've ever met, making music I genuinely love. I'm an arranger and composer for hire.

I'm a live performer, both as Winter Of '82 and as an in demand solo acoustic performer at many kinds of events.

I own a lovely little studio in The Midlands, tailored to vocal recording and clean, crisp tracking & mixing. I also run a busy service in on-location recording. It's used by bands, voice-over artists and corporate applications; I'm hopelessly excited about capturing sound, whatever it is.

I'm a busy writer & blogger, both as myself and as a copywriter for hire.

I get to do a lot of cool stuff. You want to come do some cool stuff with me? Get in touch.

/About This Site.

Here you will find anything and everything Me. My blog, Thinking Out Loud (In Writing), is an everything-all-at-once free forming document.

From my personal back story, to music technology, via cool internetisms, to what trainers I'm wearing, it is what it is on any given day. Make of it what you will; I will say it is honest, open, and authentically me.

Like any site, this is always work in progress. I'm adding more stuff all the time. If you're hear to hear my own songs, winterof82.com is the place to be.

You can contact me via this site, so for whatever reason, feel free to get in touch.

Get In Touch.

Get In Touch.

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