So Who The Hell Is Kris Halpin?

I'm a lot of things.

A singer, a songwriter; a record producer and live performer. Composer and arranger. Record label and studio owner.

A disabled person. A parasport hopeful. A disability rights activist. A mental health survivor.

A Writer. Blogger. Copywriter.

A Photography. A tutor. A visual artist. An entrepreneur of sorts.

Everything me is here.
Let's be friends.

My Music Production Work.

/About This Site.

Here you will find anything and everything Me. My blog is an everything-all-at-once free forming document.

From my personal back story, to music technology, via cool internetisms, to what trainers I'm wearing, it is what it is on any given day. Make of it what you will; I will say it is honest, open, and authentically me.

Like any site, this is always work in progress. I'm adding more stuff all the time. If you're hear to hear my own songs, is the place to be.

You can contact me via this site, so for whatever reason, feel free to get in touch.

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